Dog Boarding Quincy MA, Pet and Cat Boarding in Boston and Quincy MA

Pet Boarding

SANY0044Canine Friends                                              
Each dog has their own individual indoor and outdoor pen. These pens have a door that connects to their own outside area. The double pens are anywhere from 40 to 56 square feet (4 by 10 or 4 by 14 feet) and comes complete with bedding. They have heat, central air conditioning and the kennel is climate controlled year round. In conjunction with the climate control, we also have air-exchange units which are constantly circulating and changing the inside air with outside air to help eliminate air born contagions and odors. We follow a strict sanitation policy by pressure washing and disinfecting the inside and outside areas 3 times a day.                   

All dogs are let out to their own individual outside area three to four times a day. This is included in the basic boarding daily rate. This is a very popular program and most dogs do very well with it.

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We have separate facilities for cats. Each cat has a pen with a shelf and bedding. The cats are kept in their own private area. They are even kept on a separate floor from the dogs. That way, they can have a peaceful, relaxing stay with little stress and minimal noise. They are individually handled and get plenty of attention.

Pros and Cons on Boarding Your Pet at Your Vet
The advantage of boarding your pet at an animal hospital is if your pet gets sick or has any physical problems, there is a veterinarian on the premise that can perform treatment. The disadvantage is that your pet may be exposed to other pets that are sick. At Brian's Kennels we have a better solution. We are structurally connected to an animal hospital, but they are in a separate building. This way we can offer full veterinary services and keep the animal hospital patients in a completely separate area.

Most animal hospitals do not have adequate outside facilities such as not having enough outside individual runs or can only offer walking your dog. The problem with this is that you can only walk one or two dogs at a time. Meanwhile all the other dogs wait, sometimes for hours, to be taken out. Because the dogs have been left waiting so long to be taken out, they end up relieving themselves in a cage. This can lead to bad bathroom habits or even health problems. At Brian's Kennels we have 60 individual runs and all the dogs are let out within minutes.

                                                             Monitoring the Kennel
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The kennel is monitored for air temperature twenty-four hours a day. Our monitoring system is connected to an alarm company. If the heat or air-conditioning stops working at anytime, the Alarm Company notifies us right away. We take immediate action to make  sure the dogs and cats stay warm or c


The kennel has a hardwire generator system. We are always prepared for a power outage. This insures that your pets will always be kept safe and warm due to winter northeasters or severe windstorms. We also have an apartment that a staff member stays 24/7 during any kind of emergencies.     

                                                                                                                                        All dogs and cats are put to bed with the music of heartbeat lullabies