Dog Training Classes, Dog Obedience Training in Boston and Quincy MA

Obedience Training for Your Dog

Leave Your Dog With Us For 2 Weeks and We Will Train Your Dog For You!

This course is the most accelerated way to train your dog. After 2 weeks of the training you will only have to reinforce the training that your dog already knows. It includes 2 private lessons to show you how to reinforce the training. The idea of leaving your dog for 2 weeks is that when you get your dog home, you will not have to go through any steps of teaching your dog commands because it has all been done for you by experts. All you need to do is reinforce the training.

image6We emphasize on motivation and focus in this course. Keeping your dog motivated and looking happy in conjunction with following the commands is a key to a well trained dog.This course is also good if you do not have the time to train your own dog or if you have a hard dog to train and need an obedience expert to train your dog for you.

For your convenience ,while you are away, you can come home to a well trained dog.

We also offer a combination of private lessons and group classes.

Our combo course is a great approach to get your dog well trained before they enter our group classes. This course is structured to give you a communication with your dog. The course is consisted of taking two private lessons first and then taking four group classes. This approach gives you a well trained dog that you can test and socialize in a stimulated environment.

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